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Better for you.
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Trail's End
Get Online in October Better Packaging $600 Club Popcorn For Our Troops  

Troop 1776 Popcorn Program:
Did you know you can help yourself earn your own way in Scouting? HOW? Just sell some delicious popcorn treats on behalf of Troop 1776. Trail's End has made a lot of improvements this year. All microwave products are made with canola oil and all chocolate products contain no hydrogenated oils, so there are plenty of healthy, flavorful snacks to choose from. Please Remember that 70% of your purchase will be returned to your council, Your Troop 1776 and Your Scout rewards.  Yes, your Troop 1776 has offered you 25% of your gross to go into your scout account.  So, sell $500 worth of popcorn and earn $125 for your Scout Activities Account to help pay for fun, educational activities that helps you experience all the things that make Scouting great.  And you earned it yourself. 

Even Online purchases help you fund fun, scouting events all through the year. Plus Military donations are a wonderful way to help support your scouting. Trail's End will ship a variety of delicious popcorn treats all over the world to the men and women serving our country. It's a situation where everyone wins. 

Remember that with all your hard work, 70% of all purchases will be returned to my council, your Troop and my Scout rewards.
Thanks for your support,
Pop1776corn Kernel
Remember that Troop 1776 Supports YOU and your efforts and we put in $25% of your Gross into your Scout Activities Account.
This year we are asking you to sell popcorn, get military donations or the combination there of… of at least $100 an you will be entered into our Troop drawing for a $25 gift card.  This is an extra bonus to say Thank You for all that you are doing for Scouting and Troop 1776.
The Top 5 Scouts earning the most for our Troop this year will earn gift cards. $25 - $50 - $75 - $100 - $125
"Please remember… if our Troop sells the most popcorn we also get first draw for Philmont. Allowing our scouts from Troop 1776 experience the Scouting trip of a lifetime."